Around the World in 30 Days Challenge Terms & Conditions

By registering to Around the World in 30 Days, you agree to our Terms and Conditions below:

The event
-    I acknowledge that Around the World in 30 Days is a virtual walking or running fundraising event organised by the charity, ZSL (Zoological Society of London) (Registered Charity in England and Wales no. 208728), in conjunction with Just Giving.
-    I understand the event is free to enter.

Registering online for Around the World in 30 Days through Just Giving
-    I agree that ZSL can use the data provided for the purpose of contacting me to give information relating to this event.
-    I understand that signing-up to participate in Around the World in 30 Days requires creation of a Just Giving account and registration through the third-party online registration platform, Just Giving.
-    I understand that the information I provide to Just Giving to register for Around the World in 30 Days will be shared with ZSL and used by ZSL in accordance with ZSL’s privacy policy.
-    I also understand Just Giving has its own terms of use which I need to agree to and that they also have privacy, copyright and security policies on their website which I should read.
-    I understand that ZSL are not responsible for my Just Giving account and I must contact Just Giving for any issues I encounter with my Just Giving account.

-    When fundraising for ZSL, I understand that all sponsor forms and monies should be forwarded to ZSL, even if I do not complete my distance walked or run. I understand that all funds raised must be payable to ZSL in sterling. I will carry out my fundraising in accordance with ZSL’s guidance (below).

Event risks, medical conditions & liability
-    I understand that ZSL’s Around the World in 30 Days is a virtual walking or running event.
-    I confirm that I am physically fit and in good health to safely take part in Around the World in 30 Days. I have no known condition that would affect the ability to safely complete the challenge or would cause a risk of danger to myself or others.
-    I understand that it is my responsibility to pledge a distance to walk or run that is right for me.
-    I understand I am 100% responsible for selecting a safe route to walk or run.
-    I acknowledge that I am participating in this event at my own risk and that ZSL, cannot be held liable for any injury, accident, loss, damage or public liability caused or sustained before, during, or after the event, as a result of my participation, unless caused by the negligence of ZSL. In addition, ZSL cannot be held liable for any changes made to the event for safety reasons, or as otherwise planned through circumstances beyond their control.
-    I understand that I am responsible for my own safety and my own actions (including the safety of my possessions) whilst undertaking this challenge.
-    I understand children can take part in Around the World in 30 Days but need to be supervised and accompanied and by a responsible adult over 18.

Event Communications
-    By signing up to Around the World in 30 Days you are agreeing to receive information and resources from ZSL relating to the challenge.
-    By setting up a Just Giving Fundraising page, you will receive emails containing updates and fundraising hints from Just Giving on behalf of ZSL during the Around the World in 30 Days challenge as well as communications directly from ZSL relating to the challenge.

Privacy Notice
-    ZSL will use your personal details to communicate with you in the ways you have agreed to, and as explained in our Privacy Policy.
-    We may use the information you share with us and background information about you that we obtain from publicly available sources to carry out analysis (sometimes using suppliers) to tailor our communications to be more appropriate and relevant to your interests. You can withdraw your consent at any time. To change your preferences, or request to stop receiving communications please contact us at For full details, including information about your privacy rights, see our Privacy Policy at
-    Please note that the preferred method of contact is by email to
Fundraising Incentive Terms and Conditions
Your chance to earn rewards for your Around the World in 30 Days fundraising efforts. There is one reward on offer:
-    Anyone who raises £100 or more through their fundraising page between 4 April and 30 June 2022 will be eligible to receive a medal, as a thank you for fundraising for ZSL. Teams taking part need to raise the equivalent of £100 per team participant to receive a medal. This is subject to availability, with 800 medals available.

Free Gift Terms and Conditions - ZSL fundraising medal 
ZSL is giving away a ZSL medal (the “Free Gift”) to the first 800 participants to raise £100 or more through their Around the World in 30 Days fundraising.
-    To qualify for the Free Gift the participant is required to have raised £100 or more in donations paid in to ZSL by 11.59pm, 30 June 2022 through your Around the World in 30 Days fundraising.

-    For teams to win a medal, teams need to have raised the equivalent of £100 per team participant, for example a team of three people would need to raise £300.

-    The promotion will start at 9am on 4 April 2022 and will end at 11:59pm on 30 June 2022. 
-    ZSL accepts no responsibility for unsuccessful attempts to participate in this promotion for any reason.
-    The Free Gift is subject to availability. ZSL has a maximum of 800 Free Gifts to give away, once this number of Free Gifts has been claimed and distributed, ZSL UK shall not be obliged to give away any further or alternative gifts even where this maximum is reached prior to the above closing date.
Registration and fundraising:
-    As a ZSL supporter, you must ensure you are fundraising legally and safely. You can find guidance on this below in ZSL’s general fundraising terms & conditions.


ZSL’s General Fundraising Terms & Conditions 

In aid of ZSL
Thank you for raising funds for ZSL. Recently published guidelines mean that we need to ensure that our supporters understand that they are raising funds in aid of ZSL, but don’t represent ZSL. Please do not talk about ZSL policies or stance on specific issues (for example in press releases, in publicity or other materials for your event). Any enquiries should be referred to ZSL’s team at

ZSL Logo
Please contact if you wish to use the ZSL logo. Our team can send you the correct logo. Please do not use the ZSL logo on any materials you create yourself without approval from ZSL. 

Please remember that you are responsible for the activity and for making sure that it is run safely and legally. ZSL cannot accept any liability or responsibility for anything that might happen to people or property as a result of your fundraising activity. If you are planning an event that involves the general public in any way you’ll need to budget for public liability insurance, which can be obtained from any insurer. If you are holding the event in a place which has liability insurance (such as a school or community centre etc), you should check with them what cover, if any, is available under their insurance and whether or not you need to arrange extra cover. 

Collecting Money
If you want to collect donations at your event, please be aware that public collections do need specific permission and licences, depending on the venue. We don’t advise that you ever collect money door to-door or as part of a street collection, as it’s illegal to do so without a licence. For your own protection, if at all possible, make sure that you count collected monies with another person present and have them verify the total amount raised. Ask people who want to make a donation by cheque to make it payable to the ‘Zoological Society of London’ rather than to you personally. Make sure any coins and notes donated are kept in a secure place and is banked as soon as possible, then write a cheque to the Zoological Society of London for this amount to avoid sending cash in the post. Any expenses to be received from your event should only be deducted with the prior agreement of ZSL. Ensure all funds that you have raised are returned to ZSL within 30 days of your event. 

Private lottery
If you hold a raffle at your workplace or club, there’s no need to obtain a licence. This is the type of lottery we recommend, since it is easy to run and isn’t legally complex. Just make sure that the raffle is only offered on the premises. You must make it clear who is running the raffle. 

Public lotteries
If you hold a larger raffle that is open to members of the public, it must be registered with the local council. Due to the legal issues and extra complexity, we suggest that you avoid organising this type of raffle. Please note that ZSL cannot supply prizes for lotteries and raffles. 
Small lotteries
If you hold a raffle as part of an event, but not the main focus of your event, you can also run it without a licence. With this type of lottery, there can’t be any cash prizes and both the ticket sales and the announcement of the results must take place during the event. No more than £250 can be spent on buying prizes, but no limits apply to the value of donated goods. 

Gift Aid
By ticking the box headed Gift Aid, your sponsors are confirming that they are eligible to do so and meet the criteria set out there. They understand that they must pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in the tax year at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities they donate to, will reclaim on their gifts for that tax year. They understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. They understand the charity will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that your sponsors have given.

If you want to offer or sell food to the public, you should check with the environmental health department of your local council to see which food safety laws apply. 

Take care
ZSL cannot accept responsibility for accidents, so please follow these simple principles to make sure that everyone’s safe while they are raising money. Contact the British Red Cross or St John’s Ambulance if you feel that first aiders are necessary. Always ensure that children are safe and that you do not allow them to ask for or collect money without an adult. Nobody should carry out fundraising in an unsafe environment, so assess any risks involved and make sure that those risks are eliminated or minimised, both for yourself and your helpers and for participants. If you are going to carry money around, take care with your personal security. Always use a safe route, take someone else with you and carry a personal alarm. If you hire anybody to help organise your event, or use facilities provided by a third party, make sure that they have suitable experience and their own insurance. Finally, remember that your activity if carried out within the workplace must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, as well as all relevant legislation since. See