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For books published before 1993 it is advisable to check both this catalogue and the card catalogue in the Library Reading Room. We are currently adding details of all books in the Library, please see details of this project below.

Our art works have been catalogued with funding from the Michael Marks Trust. Artworks and artefacts are not all listed individually, some are listed as collections.

The catalogue contains a limited number of records for the ZSL Archives, if you cannot find what you want please check with our Archivist by emailing library@zsl.org .

Library catalogue Frequently Asked Questions

If you experience any problems with the catalogue please contact us at library@zsl.org

Retrospective Book Cataloguing Project

At present, the online library catalogue contains records for all of its material published before 1860, and also for material acquired after 1993, but this still leaves a large gap where people searching for books between these two dates need to physically come in to the Library and use the card catalogue which is situated in the Reading Room - meaning that a significant part of the Library’s collection only has limited access.

t has been the Library’s hope for sometime to close this gap, and make these records available online by commencing a retrospective book cataloguing project. By doing this, the Library would increase access to its collection and greatly assist researchers who might not be able to physically visit ZSL in order to use the card catalogue. In the summer 2010 a Retrospective Book Cataloguer was employed to systematically work through the card catalogue, check the books and then create online records.

The records for the books are being placed online on an average rate of 50-70 items per week. Furthermore, the project also has the extra benefit of enabling the Library to perform a stock check of the books, and to assess the condition for the stock and then arrange for any necessary conservation work to be carried out.

This is a key project in helping ZSL to deliver the strategic aim of facilitating access to zoological and conservation knowledge

The project is being funded with thanks to a generous bequest from Connie Nutkins, a former member of staff who left a generous gift in her will to ZSL Library.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers should help you to make effective use of our catalogue.

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