Newly acquired books

Each month the library releases a list of newly acquired titles. Lists from the last 12 months can be downloaded here. All the titles are included in Library OPAC . The catalogue also includes our serial holdings, art works, ZSL's Archives.

If you are a member of ZSL these lists can be emailed to you each month as soon as they are produced. Please contact if you would like to use this service.

October 2013 (500.65 KB)

September 2013 (496.47 KB)

August 2013 (500.55 KB)

July 2013 (493.19 KB)

June 2013 (571.22 KB)

May 2013 (99.88 KB)

April 2013 (454.13 KB)

March 2013 (443.47 KB)

February 2013 (452.5 KB)

December 2012 & January 2013 (424.12 KB)

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