Environmental animal exhibits

Many of our animal exhibits are built and run in ingenious ways that make them much less wasteful, minimising their environmental impact and their cost. We are developing new ideas all the time, such as a new rainwater harvesting system.

Here are some of the ingenious ideas that have been put into practice to make our animal enclosures eco-friendly:

  • In Gorilla Kingdom – the environment has been built using only sustainable materials, such as FSC wood and bamboo instead of steel.
  • In Penguin Beach, the exhibit was built using only FSC wood and the concrete needed was reduced by 50% by utilising waste materials. The water use when running the exhibit is reduced by refilling less often and our explainers have even been telling our visitors all about MSC fish.
  • In the Clore Rainforest Exhibit, the ceiling was built using insulating layer that UV can penetrate, to use the sun to heat the interior and reduce energy use. We also use sustainable plants and compostable banners in the exhibit.
  • In our Hullabazoo play area at Whipsnade Zoo we have used floor tiles produced by Interface Carpets, our partners in the Net-Works project, which recycles discarded fish nets.