Supporting our work for a world where wildlife thrives

The challenges facing wildlife are increasing: the rate of extinction is accelerating through habitat loss, disease, pollution and other human effects.We need to act now to address these challenges and stop wild animals going extinct.

When you visit one of our Zoos and add a donation to your ticket price, your funds no matter how small, can go an extra length towards supporting our work for a world where wildlife thrives, around the world.

Donations to our For People, For Wildlife appeal from 1 October – 31 December 2019 will help tackle a range of threats to wildlife through science, education and conservation. Matched funding from the UK government will help communities in Kenya and Nepal build sustainable livelihoods, and protect their local wildlife. 


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If you are a UK taxpayer, every penny you donate, can go even further. By choosing to add Gift Aid to your donation, the UK Government will give us an extra 25 pence for every pound you’ve donated. And at no extra cost to you. In order for us to be able to claim GiftAid on your Zoo tickets, your donation must be at least 10% of your ticket value, which is why we recommend a donation cost of 10%.

This may feel like pocket change, but every penny makes a difference to us, and the animals we’re working for:

  • £1.50 buys an ID tag for a juvenile Angelshark to help us understand how they use nursery areas
  • £2 buys a lithium battery for our camera traps, that can withstand temperatures as cold as -40°C in the Gobi desert, to help us monitor Bactrian camels and musk de er  in Mongolia
  • £2.50 buys a box of fruit tea - our primates at ZSL London Zoo consume around 30 litres, every day
  • £6.20 buys a bag of food to feed our reptiles and amphibians at one of our zoos 
  • £8 buys a recycled archival box to store delicate historical zoological papers and books in the ZSL Library  
  • £12 buys a field guide for our conservationists to use in one of the 52 countries we are currently working in
  • £14 buys a refill for a conservation diver’s oxygen tank
  • £20 buys a set of baby animal weighing scales which our vets will use to help keep our animals healthy.

This money means we can do even more to battle the extinction of animals across the globe - from Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers, to pygmy sloths and fen raft spiders (that’s right, even spiders). Big, small, slow or speedy - we won’t stop until their futures are secured - and we are so happy you are helping us to make this happen.

Thank you.

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You can donate to support our work for a world where wildlife thrives at any time. Text ZSL to 70700 to donate £5, or
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There are lots of ways you can support us, some of which won’t cost you a penny and can be done from the comfort of your sofa at home.

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On visiting one of our Zoos, your added donation when purchasing tickets makes an enormous difference toward supporting our work for a world where wildlife thrives.

Thank you.

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