11 Amazing Things You Never Knew About Sumatran Tigers

Enjoy these amazing facts about Sumatran tigers. From their history to their impressive hunting skills, there’s always something new to learn about everyone’s favourite big cat!


1. They are the smallest tigers 

There are five tiger subspecies and Sumatran tigers are the smallest. 

2. Cubs learn to hunt quickly 

Tiger cubs will start hunting from as young as one year old, but they’ll stay with their mother until they’re two years old.

3. They've been around for 2 million years! 

Fossils of tiger remains in China show that tigers could be over 2 million years old!

4. They love water

Unlike like most of their cousins, tigers love swimming and will frequently cool off by having a dip in nearby rivers.

5. They're unique 

No two tigers are ever the same; each has its own unique stripe pattern.

6. They're loud! 

A tiger’s roar is so loud that is can be heard from two miles away!

7. They have narrow stripes 

Sumatran tigers have the narrowest black stripes of any tiger subspecies and they're also the darkest in orange compared to other subspecies. This is because they are ambush predators in the Indonesian jungle and need to blend in amongst the thick vegetation so it helps with camouflage. 

8. They can jump! 

Tigers are excellent jumpers. Even when sitting down, a tiger can leap forward 10 metres!

9. They have five different types of whiskers

These whiskers pick up on vibrations their prey makes when moving through the jungle.

10. They have a strong bite 

A tiger can bite down with the force of 1000 pounds!    

11. The collective noun is a streak 

A group of tigers is known as an ‘ambush’ or a ‘streak’. 

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