Study Day – Enclosure Design

In this in-depth look at enclosure design, students will get hands – on approach to creating a new space for an animal. Students will be brought through the planning process and be able to look at the enclosures from the perspectives of different stakeholders involved.


Age group:  Yr groups 10 – 13 (KS 4 & 5 – Ages 14 – 19 GCSE’s AS/A Level, NVQ, Diploma)

Duration: 2 x 45min sessions

Capacity: 35

Learning Space: Griffin Room and outdoors

Intended learning outcomes:

  • Students will identify the animal needs in designing an enclosure
  • Student will identify the different stakeholders present in designing a new animal enclosure


For this session:

Before your visit:

Discuss any enclosures the students have seen at zoos/parks


While at the Zoo:

Discuss the following enclosure design at each of the enclosures below:

Animal Enclosure type Location (map ref.)
Cheetah Mainly outdoor Cheetah Rock (B2)
Giraffe Outdoor and indoor with new giraffe viewing platform Girafe (D2)
Asian elephants Mainly outdoor Asian elephants (B4)
Lemurs Walk-through Into the Lemurs (D3)


Post-visit resources:

  • Set up your own virtual zoo – Students will have different roles, eg Keeping staff, curator, marketing, retail, vet, development (linking with funders), education, presenters, finance, gardening, building. Within these roles, students will have to research what animals they are going to have in the zoo and why (are they endangered, will they bring money in). Set a budget and see how they get on. This activity will bring together working in groups, social enterprise, social responsibility, career awareness.