Deadly Education Session

BBC Earth - Deadly
In the Deadly Education Session, students will be brought deep into the depths of the African savannah. Immersed into the habitat, students will discover how animals escape from the deadly claws of the predators. Students will explore animals’ ability to move, camouflage, fight and scent mark. All the animals used in the session are from one food chain which becomes clear at the end of the session. Students will get the opportunity to handle objects from the natural world and get up close and personal with a live animal to explore the adaptations that particular animal has to its habitat. 

Age group: Key Stage 2 (7 – 11)

Duration: 45min

Capacity: 35

Learning Space: Unicorn and Griffin Room

Framework links:

  • Sc1 Scientific enquiry
  • Sc1.1 Ideas and evidence in Science
  • Sc1.2 Investigative skills – planning, obtaining and presenting evidence, considering evidence and evaluating
  • Sc2 Life processes and living things
  • Sc2.1.g about the senses that enable humans and other animals to be aware of the world around them
  • Sc2.4 Variation and classification
  • Sc2.5 Living things in the environment
  • En1 Speaking and listening
  • En2 Reading

Intended learning outcomes:

  • Students will be able to list 3 different ways animals can escape from being eaten by Whipsnade’s Deadly
  • Students will be able to describe a habitat and name three animals that are found in that habitat
  • Students will feel that animals and their habitats have to be protected
  • Students will be able to name one Deadly animal that needs our protection to survive


For this session

Before visiting the zoo:

Discuss four habitats with your class. Divide the class into four groups and allow each group to be one habitat. Each group is to paint/draw their habitat and describe it to the rest of the class.


While at the Zoo:

Undertake the Deadly 60 challenge with your class

Deadly 60 trail – all students must be accompanied by a teacher at all times while visiting the zoo


After your visit to the zoo:

Write a story about an adventurer undertaking an expedition into a Deadly Habitat. Describe what the habitat looks like (damp, hot, cold) and what animals are lurking in the dark. Make a list of all the survival equipment the adventurer will need to succeed in the mission to explore and discover a new species of animal. Describe the threats this animal is facing (is the forest big enough for this amazing new animal to live? Are there humans near that are a threat to the safety of this animal? Is there enough food for this animal?) Will the adventurer survive the deadly environment…you choose.