Animal Storytime at the Farm

Animal Storytime at the Farm takes place on the carpet in our colourful Unicorn Room. The pupils will be invited to listen and join in as we tell a story all about animals they can see at Hullabazoo Farm.

Children build the lively story with puppets, actions, answers and songs - adults are encouraged to join in too! Pupils will then be accompanied over to the Farm where they will be introduced to our Pygmy goats.

A goat stares into the camera

Age: Nursery and Reception (Foundation 1&2, Ages 3–5 years old)

Duration: 30 - 40 minutes (including time on Farm)



Early Years Foundation Stage Framework links:

Communication and Language

  • Listen to stories, accurately anticipate key events and respond to what they hear with relevant comments, questions and actions.

Understanding the world

  • Make observations of animals and plants, and talk about changes.



Intended learning outcomes:

Pupils will be able to:

  • Identify common animals they will see at the Hullabazoo Farm.
  • Listen to a story and join in with appropriate noises and movements.


For this session


Before visiting the zoo:

  • Complete the Farm sheet to decide what animals you might see on the farm and learn the Farm song. Pre-visit session info - Animal Storytime at the Farm (305.82 KB)
  • Ask the children to consider which animals they will see at the zoo, and share what they know about these animals already (e.g. their noises, colours, what they like to eat).  Plan a route around the zoo to take in their favourite animals.


After your visit to the zoo:

  • Make a list of the animals you saw at the Zoo and create your own story as a class.  Get the children to add sound effects and actions.