Key Stage 3 resources

KS3 Native Ecosystems (227.14 KB) - Race to count the native species on site! 

KS3 Zoo Keeper Maths (272.86 KB) - These resources will allow your students to give the zookeepers a helping hand in making sure we care for our animals by feeding them the correct food. 

Apaptations (776.1 KB) an activity sheet about how animals are adapted to different environments. Find out about the adaptations that help hippos cope with the heat and penguins survive in the water.

Role of a Modern Zoo (2.53 MB) what is it that they do? Find out about the four main roles of a zoo (conservation, education, research and recreation).


Animal Training (1 MB): an activity sheet about why zoos train animals. Find out about some of the species that are trained at Whipsnade and why it is important for the animal’s welfare.


Zoo Careers (2.41 MB): themed notes on some of the many careers available at a zoo, what qualifications, skills and personal qualities are needed.


Climate Change (1.05 MB): an activity sheet to find out how species are affected by climate change and what ZSL is doing to conserve them.


Enclosure design (1.54 MB): an activity sheet about designing enclosures. Who and what needs to be taken into consideration when designing a new enclosure? Find out the basics and think about the needs of particular species around the Zoo.


Health and Safety at the Zoo KS4&5 (1.66 MB): an activity sheet about the health and safety considerations at a zoo. Also discover how science is used in the Zoo and Institute of Zoology.

History of ZSL and Whipsnade Zoo (1.17 MB): Discover when ZSL was started and the history of Whipsnade Zoo.


Walk on the wild side trail: Find out about a range of animals around the zoo.