Key Stage 2 Resources

Student using resources at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Key Stage 2

KS2 Art and Design (265.12 KB) - Art and Design resource pack which challenges students to develop and build an enclosure and learn more about animal welfare

KS2 Geography (292.62 KB) - Geography resource pack which challenges students to think about animals and their habitats around the world

KS2 Science (346.17 KB) - Science resource pack which challenges students to identify the needs and biology of some of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo's deadliest animals

Elephant Appreciate (926.6 KB) - Pre-visit activities and self guided resources to introduce students to the Asian elephants at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

KS2 Feeding time at the Zoo (230.08 KB) - These resources will allow your students to give the zookeepers a helping hand in making sure we care for our animals by feeding them the correct food. 

KS2 Bioblitz Field Study Guide (313.49 KB) - Race to count as many native species on site!