Seven new flamingo chicks hatch at Flamingo Lake

Seven adorable flamingo chicks have hatched at flamingo lake, allowing our colourful flamingos to put their nesting skills to good use.

The first chick squawked its way into the world last month, with a seventh chick rounding off the set on July 3rd. Keeper Claire Sweeney says that visitors can now see the chicks in their own little crèche, as the whole group chips in the look after the lake’s baby boom.

“However, some parents have shown themselves to be more diligent than others,” says Keeper Claire.

When the hatchings took place, one set of parents decided to go the extra mile and create a second nest for their chick. Most flamingos build their chick one nest and these tend to be built quite high to protect them from predators. However, these high nests can sometimes prove tricky for the chicks once they start leaving the nest as they have to climb back up for nap time. Spotting this, one set of parents has built a second nest further down, allowing their chick the options of an easy to reach napping spot.

“It’s actually quite sweet and shows what great parents these birds can be. A few of the other parents obviously thought this was a good idea but appear to have been too lazy to make their own second nest so we've seen other chicks and their parents on the low nest!”

So what can we expect for Whipsnade’s little residents?

“In the coming weeks the chicks will continue to crèche together, and they will begin to explore hopefully quite soon. We’ve already seen them swimming around, which they are quite good at. As far as us keepers are concerned, we check on the level of food in the enclosure five times a day, including first thing in the morning and last thing at night so they’re keeping us busy!”

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