Giraffe Heights

Giraffe heights banner for ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Come face to face with the tallest mammal in the world at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s Giraffe platform! Our new custom built enclosure offers a high level viewing platform, allowing you to get closer than ever to these amazing creatures.

You may see our giraffes grazing in their paddock, or they could be chilling in their revamped barn. Their newly extended barn comes with its own nine foot viewing area, with Giraffe Heights able to hold up to 300 visitors at a time.

Giraffe heights at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Are you ready for some tall tales about these tall individuals?

Giraffes at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
  • Giraffes have the same number of bones in the neck as we do – seven. Valves in neck prevent blood rushing to the head when they bend down to drink
  • Babies stand at about two metres at birth - their horns lie flat at birth and pop up several days later
  • Originally from Africa
  • Giraffes eat mainly acacia leaves but also shoots fruits and other vegetation
Baby giraffe at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

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