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Experience this amazing free-flying bird demonstrations three times a day - an unmissable part of any visit to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo!

Duck and dive as a bald eagle, hawks and macaws swoop above your head in the bird arena and learn how these brilliant birds have adapted to survive in the wild.

Toco toucan demonstration at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Meet some of the stars of the Birds of the World demonstrations:

Seriema demonstrating hunting at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Watch "Naughty Richard" demonstrate how he hunts and kills his reptile prey.

Toco toucan at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

See how the toucan uses its brightly coloured beak.

Green-winged Macaws flying at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Experience the macaws swooping around the bird arena in pairs.

A hawk at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Birds Of The World Demonstration Times


Great Green Macaw at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

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