Writer's Talk: Randal Keynes on Darwin’s Apes

ZSL conservation scientists and keepers team up with leading writers to talk about the animals in ZSL London Zoo. Alongside the animals, the writers speak imaginatively about their responses to them and ZSL’s experts talk about their ecology and conservation.

The audience will be able to ask questions of author, scientist and keeper and have books signed over a glass of wine.

These unique evenings will be held within the animal exhibits of ZSL London Zoo.

Randal Keynes: 

Randal Keynes OBE, FLS is a British conservationist, author, scholar and great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin. His book Annie's Box (2001) explored the relationship between Darwin and his daughter whose tragic early death deeply affected his thinking. The book was retitled Creation for the 2009 film based on it, starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly as Charles and Emma Darwin. One high point in the film is Darwin's historic encounter with a young orangutan in London Zoo: from which he found he could see clearly how humans might share a common ancestry with the great apes. 

Featuring David Field: ZSL Zoological Director and Chair of British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Chaired by poet and ZSL Council Member Ruth Padel: Ruth is a British poet and writer with close connections to conservation, wildlife, Greece and music. She has published a novel, eight works of non-fiction and eight poetry collections, most recently The Mara Crossing, which mixes poems and prose to explore migration.

Baby macaque with his mum, born at ZSL London Zoo in December 2013


Venue: ZSL London Zoo, Primates & Reptile House
Doors and cash bar open: 6.00pm

Talks commence from 6.30pm (followed by q&a)
Meet the Author, book signing and cash bar until: 9pm

Alcoholic & soft drinks cash bar will be available throughout the evening

Entry point into the Zoo for this talk will be the Zoos main entrance
Directions to ZSL London Zoo

Tickets: £12

For phone bookings please contact: 0844 225 1826 - Mon to Sun (8.30am - 5pm)

For more information or further booking enquiries please email arts@zsl.org

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