Pre-visit checklist

Use our helpful checklist to make sure you are fully prepared for your school visit to ZSL London Zoo. We would also request that each school read and follow our behaviour guidelines to ensure a fun and pleasant trip: 


1. Pre-visit presentation

Use this PowerPoint presentation to help you prepare your class for their visit to ZSL London Zoo.



2. Map and visitor information

A map of the Zoo and helpful information for planning your school visit.

Download ZSL London Zoo map

Download Dayplanner


3. Activity sheets

Our activity sheets to help pupils to make the most of their time in the Zoo. These sheets are designed to encourage observation and discussion.

Become a Zoo Explorer! 

This Orienteering activity is designed for small groups and should be led by an adult.

Please print them double-sided and fold them in half to make a booklet.


4. Risk Assessment

Like all zoos and wildlife parks, we have to operate under the Zoo Licensing Act. We are subject to an annual inspection by enforcing officers, who look at the way we take care of our animals and the safety of visitors and staff.

More information on risk assessment


5. Education sessions

If you have booked an education session for your group, please download the relevant pre-visit information for this session. This will enable you to prepare your class appropriately.



6. Schools Lunchroom

Book a free 30 minute slot in our schools lunchroom. Time slots are for any age group visiting the Zoo and are free but must be booked in advance for the best chance of availability.  Don’t worry if you forget, on the day of your visit you can enquire with our Schools Supervisor at the Main Entrance to see if any free slots are available.



7. Goody bags and activity packs

You may also want to pre-order a gift for your pupils, which can be pre-ordered and picked up on the day. 

More information about the gifts and how to order


Book a school visit


Book your school visit online