Latest News from ZSL London Zoo

Summer Showcase: Penguin Beach

On Wednesday 26th March, ZSL London Zoo opened its doors to 350 event bookers for a Summer Showcase.

Thug the pygmy hippo in his new enclosure

This Easter holiday, visit our pygmy hippos in their lovely new home.

tiger cub outside

ZSL London Zoo’s Sumatran tiger cubs explore their outdoor paddock for first time.

Meet the Rainforest

This spring ZSL London Zoo is launching six incredible new Meet the Animals experiences.

Tiger cubs feeding with Melati

Three critically endangered Sumatran tigers born at Tiger Territory!

One of the dragons captured in 1928. Some incredible stories of Joan Procter walking it along a table in the main offices in front of the zoo directors demonstrating how tame it had become. London Zoo imported 2 and both survived for 12 and 14 years.

In honour of International Women’s Day, ZSL would like to honour an extraordinary woman who is internationally recognised as an outstanding...

Bekily, a 12-year-old male ring tail lemur, taking a selfie

Playful primate ensures focus is on him

Anemone fish on Bilang bilangan reef. Danajon Bank is thought to be the evolutionary birthplace for most species in the Pacific Ocean.

ZSL London Zoo unveils photography exhibition of rare reef struck by natural disasters

Young coati at animal adventure

Five new coatis have joined Jimmy, Bertie, Brush, Lola and Frankie in the Animal Adventure coati tree tops.

Kumbuka the gorilla at ZSL Stocktake 2014

ZSL London Zoo’s keepers got a mammoth start to the New Year – counting every animal in the annual stocktake.