Komodo Dragons

Komodo dragon banner exhibit.

With razor sharp teeth and toxic saliva that can fell a buffalo, ZSL London Zoo's pair of Komodo dragons are formidable predators.

A komodo dragon at ZSL London Zoo.

Our Dragon's Den

Come and get face to face with the dragons prowling their state-of-the-art dragon's lair and enjoy panoramic views through an unbroken sweep of more than 20 metres of dragon-proof glass.

The dragon's home has been naturally landscaped to mimic a dry river bed, complete with lush vegetation and sounds of Indonesian birds.

The dragons at ZSL London Zoo are part of the European Conservation Breeding Programme.

A komodo dragon at ZSL London Zoo.


Komodo Dragon

Learn about how we train our amazing Komodo dragons.

A komodo dragon at ZSL London Zoo.

Raja the Komodo Dragon gets a 'wash n go' followed by a New Year's snack of fish.

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Komodo dragon Raja has been drawing the crowds at ZSL London Zoo for over five years but is now reaching a global audience as a "Bond villain" in film Skyfall.

The Zoo's charismatic, male komodo dragon was filmed in his exhibit to be used for a special CGI scene with James Bond himself, played by Daniel Craig.

The filming, which took place in December 2011, focused on Raja's natural behaviours including the way komodos bite and how they use their tongues to smell and detect their surroundings. Filmmakers also took Raja's measurements to recreate the dragon using special effects technology for the blockbuster film.

Zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo do training regularly with Raja which forms part of a comprehensive enrichment schedule for the resident komodo dragons. The training techniques allow keepers to work safely with and in close proximity to potentially-dangerous species, such as komodo dragons and offers way to facilitate the animals’ wellbeing through both mental and physical stimulation.


Raja the Komodo Dragon

Bond star Raja the komodo dragon

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