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Cookies are small data files that are sent to your browser and pixel tags are used to read such cookies. Most internet browsers automatically accept cookies but you can delete existing cookies from your browser and, by editing your internet browser options, choose not to receive cookies in future.

For information on how to delete and control cookies set by the ZSL website please visit www.aboutcookies.org . These guides will allow you to prevent cookies from being set through your browser settings.

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Third party cookies

To improve interaction with various websites such as You tube, Face book and Twitter, we sometimes embed content and share functionality from these websites into the ZSL site. Pages with this embedded content or share buttons may set a cookie from these third party websites.

ZSL does not control the setting of these cookies. You should check the relevant third party website for more information about these.

ZSL also uses analytics software managed by third parties. These services use cookies in order to provide statistical reports about our site visitors. Current third party software include Criteo & Google Analytics .

You can manage the use of third party cookies set by advertisers on the Your online choices site.

ZSL website cookie list

The aim of this Cookies list is to provide you with an understanding as to what types of cookies ZSL uses on our site.

We have tried to cover all cookies in this list that we or our technology partners use. Please be aware that there may be a delay in updating this list. If you do notice any discrepancies please be sure to contact us and let us know.

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These cookies are used to support our online ticketing and checkout process. The cookies are session based and are used to remember your details as you proceed through the payment process.

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