Lions400 Competition

Our lion sitting around the zoo

Calling all budding conservationists!

ZSL needs you to help spread the word about our new Lions400 campaign to save the Asian lion. You could also win a year’s family membership to ZSL - meaning unlimited access to our two world-class zoos.

The Asian lion can currently only be found in the Gir forest of India, a habitat that holds all 400 lions. As an endangered species, these lions want to spread the word about ZSL’s latest campaign Lions400 to keep them safe. But they can’t do that all the way from the Gir forest!

That’s where you come in. To help the lions spread their message they need you to take them here, there, and everywhere. Simply print off, order, or pick up from our pop-up shop your own Asian lion. Once you’ve made your lion, find him an eye-catching new home and post a photo of him to our twitter: @OfficialZSL + #Lions400

The person who is able to photograph their lion in the most eye-catching location will win a year’s family membership, letting them visit ZSL’s two amazing Zoos all year round. Better get snapping!


Download your lion

Our lion box by giraffes


Our Winner: Keith Taylor

After a month of entries, Keith Taylor was chosen by our judges as the winner of the Lions400 competition. Our lucky lion was flown all the way to Florence!

Lions400 winner



Lions400 box toy

Build your own Asian lion and see what grand adventures you can take him on! He's also great fun to create with children.