Shopping terms


In entering into any transaction using this website you do so on the basis of the following terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of each transaction type are made up of the specific terms relating to the transaction type (for example the “Animal Adoption” terms and conditions) and the Common Terms. Please note that more than one set of specific terms may apply to a single transaction (for example where you buy e-tickets and buy an Animal Adoption) and where this is the case you will be entering into a distinct contract for each transaction type.

E-ticket terms

In purchasing e-tickets for entry into ZSL London Zoo and or ZSL Whipsnade Zoo (each an “Attraction”) you enter into an agreement with the Zoological Society of London, registered charity number 208728 (in this section “ZSL”) on these e-ticket specific terms that incorporate the “Common Terms” on this website applicable to all transactions.

Classes of Ticket Holders

For the purpose of e-ticket sales the following definitions apply:

  • An Adult is a person aged from 16 years old to 59 years old (inclusive)
  • A Child is a person aged from 3 years old to 15 years old (inclusive) Children will not be admitted without an adult.
  • An Infant is a person less than 3 years old
  • A Senior is a person aged 60 years or more
  • A Student means an Adult or Senior who holds any type of valid photographic identity card showing they are a student
  • A Concession means a Disabled Person, Senior or Student

Issue of e-tickets

When your booking has been confirmed your tickets will be dispatched via e-mail to the e-mail address you specified. It is your responsibility to check prior to purchase that the information you have supplied to us in respect of your e-ticket requirements is accurate. We are only responsible for issuing e-tickets in accordance with the information you provide.

Ticket Purchase and Validity

Once purchased neither the date nor Attraction for which an e-ticket has been purchased may be changed. Payments for e-tickets are non-refundable. E-tickets are only valid for the date stated upon them. E-tickets do not guarantee car entry to an Attraction and parking charges are not included within the price of an e-ticket.
On arrival at the Attraction, the following will be required in order to validate an e-ticket purchased through this website:

  • Appropriate proof of entitlement to any discounted ticket rate claimed (such as NUS card, pension booklet, passport) for each person to be admitted under the ticket
  • A legible print-out of your e-ticket to be scanned, failure to bring a print out with you may delay the admission process.
  • ZSL reserves the right to charge the normal Attraction entry rates to any person not able to validate their e-ticket in the above manner.
  • Please note that all ticket prices are subject to change without prior notice and can be vary through different sales channels (e.g. website and at the gate)
  • Any additional persons wishing to enter with an e-ticket holder will be required to pay the normal Attraction entry rates.

Promotions and offers

  • Third-party promotions - Please read terms and conditions provided by the third party supplier for any promotions or discounts before purchasing tickets online.
  • Many promotions are only redeemable at the gate and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.
  • Please check voucher terms and conditions for validity.
  • ZSL reserves the right to decline any promotional voucher.


No e-ticket may be resold without the prior written consent of ZSL. If any person attempts to enter an Attraction with an e-ticket that has been resold without ZSL’s written consent, ZSL may refuse entry and no compensation is payable to that person by ZSL.


Access to the Attraction

  • A Child or Infant must be accompanied by an Adult.
  • The last admission to an Attraction is one hour prior to the advertised closing time of the Attraction.
  • Re-entry to an Attraction is not permitted.
  • ZSL reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse entry into or remove from an Attraction, any person.

This includes but is not limited to a person who:

  • has behaved in a manner which, in the opinion of ZSL has, or is likely to, adversely affect the animals at the Attraction or the safety or enjoyment of other visitors
  • has used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or in any way provokes or behaves in a manner which may provoke a breach of the peace or may disturb animals
  • is or appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    To prevent offensive weapons or dangerous articles from being taken into an Attraction, visitors are admitted subject to a condition that, if requested to do so, they will allow themselves and/or their belongings to be searched by ZSL staff.

Attraction Rules

It is prohibited to take into an Attraction:

  • any weapons, fireworks, smoke bombs, glass bottles, blades, flammable liquids or other articles that may cause injury
  • skateboards, rollerblades, rollerskates, bikes and other forms of personal transport
  • balls, frisbees, balloons or any other similar item
  • pets or animals of any nature
    Visitors to an Attraction should:
  • keep their voices and mobile telephone volumes low
  • not attempt to feed the animals or enter animal enclosures
  • not tap on glass or put any body part through railings or fencing
  • not film or take photographs of the Attraction for public broadcast, commercial purpose or student projects unless authorisation has first been obtained from ZSL
  • not throw any article which could cause injury or annoyance to visitors or animals
  • not smoke

There are no facilities for the storage of luggage at the Attractions. Buggies and pushchairs are left unattended at their owner’s risk and any containers left unattended may be removed for security reasons. ZSL accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of personal property brought into Attractions.

Guide dogs are not permitted in Attractions – please contact our Contact Centre on 0844 225 1826 to make alternative arrangements.

Animals on show

  • ZSL cannot guarantee that all animals will be on show at the Zoos throughout the day. For various reasons, including animal welfare, certain animals may be off show to the public without prior notice.


ZSL Complaint Policy

ZSL is committed to providing a high quality service to our visitors, supporters, members and customers.  We invite feedback because it enables us to ensure the continuous improvement of the services and facilities we provide.

Our promise

We want to make sure that your engagement with ZSL is memorable and enjoyable for all the right reasons, however we understand that sometimes things can go wrong and you find yourself needing to contact us.  In these situations we promise that we will:

  • Treat any comments/feedback seriously
  • Try to resolve any problems promptly, in no longer than 10 working days (should we require longer we will keep you informed at all times as to the progress of your complaint)
  • Utilise any feedback/comments where appropriate to make recommendations for change in order to improve our visitor experience  

What do to if you have a complaint

The sooner you can get in touch with us, the sooner we’ll be able to help you.  Most complaints can be resolved quickly by speaking to one of our members of staff.  If they are not the right person for you to speak with they will be able to contact the relevant person for you.

If you are unable to make a complaint at the time of the issue occurring, please contact us as soon as possible by one of the following means:

  • By telephone on 0207 449 6200

Our Supporter Services team will aim to help you there and then over the telephone, however there may be times when we need do more research into your complaint, or to find out some more information for you.  In these circumstances you will be kept informed as to the progress of your complaint and we will aim to resolve it within 10 working days

We aim to respond to email within 3 working days, however if your complaint requires more time to research we will let you know.  In these circumstances we will keep you informed as to the progress of your complaint and would aim to resolve it within 10 working days

  • By writing to us at Supporter Services, ZSL London Zoo, Regents Park, London, NW1 4RY or Supporter Services, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 2LF.  We aim to respond within 10 working days from receipt of the letter.  If we require longer we will contact you to let you know when you can expect a response.  

What if the complaint is not resolved?

If you are unhappy with our response then please get back in touch with us within 14 days by writing to the Head of Supporter Services at the address above. Your complaint will be reviewed and a senior manager will respond to you in writing within 10 working days. 


Donation terms

In making a donation (including purchasing an Animal Adoption, Membership or e-ticket) through this website you are donating, unless otherwise stated, to the Zoological Society of London (“ZSL”), a registered charity, registered charity number 208728.

When making a donation you may elect to have Gift Aid apply to the donation. If you are a UK tax payer ZSL can reclaim tax paid on your donation under the Gift Aid scheme if you have paid UK income tax or capital gains tax in the tax year at least equivalent to the amount ZSL is able to claim. Tax relief may be available for Gift Aid donations.


Membership terms

In purchasing any membership (a “Membership”) for ZSL London Zoo and or ZSL Whipsnade Zoo (each an “Attraction”) and or the Zoological Society of London you enter into an agreement with the Zoological Society of London, registered charity number 208728 (in this section “ZSL”) on these membership specific terms that incorporate the “Common Terms” on this website applicable to all transactions.

Once a membership has been purchased, the membership is non-refundable unless due to exceptional circumstances. This is at ZSL’s discretion.

ZSL reserves the right to change these benefits at any time and without prior notice

  • Standard Membership is based on a standard 12-month contract and starts on the date of purchase unless agreed otherwise by ZSL e.g. for gift memberships
  • Any photo card issued with your membership is for use by the named holder only, and is not transferable under any circumstances. Any misuse of the membership card will result in it being confiscated with no refund. The card can not be given away, sold or transferred. Membership card photocopies are not valid.
  • ZSL membership card holders are entitled to entry to ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo only, during normal opening hours. NB. Last entry is one hour before the advertised closing time.
  • Membership photo cards are not valid after their expiry date and remain the property of ZSL at all times.
  • Admission to Attractions will not be granted under any circumstances without the production of a valid membership photo card. If you do not have your card with you on the day of admission, the current full admission charge must be paid which is not refundable.
  • For family/joint membership packages, adults and children added to a family/joint membership package must be living at the same address and proof may be required. Each member within the family group will be issued with their own card and this must be produced and scanned upon each visit.
  • Children under the age of 3 are not entitled to the benefits associated with the membership until they turn 3, however they remain free to enter both ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos.
  • A membership pass may not be valid for entry on certain special events in the zoo calendar (e.g. Zoo Nights) and this will be advertised as such. There will be an additional fee payable for member entry to such events.
  • The Membership photo card is not a credit card, charge card or cheque guarantee card.
  • An adult must accompany children 15 years old or younger.
  • Membership does not constitute a full paying adult/child, therefore cannot be used in conjunction with any 'buy one, get one free' offers or the Blue Peter badge 'free entry with a full paying adult' offer
  • An administration charge of £5 will be made for lost or replacement membership photo cards should you require one. Please call the membership team prior to your visit so we can take payment and provide you with a temporary access pass.
  • Free car parking when visiting ZSL London Zoo for members of ZSL applies to adult and concession memberships only and is available on weekdays only (not on bank holidays), after 10am, and not during the peak times advertised below. Availability cannot be guaranteed and parking will be on a first come, first served basis.

Free car parking is not available on weekends, bank holidays and during the following peak times (dates are inclusive):

24 May 2014 – 2nd June 2014
19 July 2014 – 2nd September 2014
25 October 2014 – 2nd November 2014
20 December 2014 - 6th January 2015

Car parking at these times and dates will be charged at the applicable rate.

Visitors using the car park but not visiting ZSL London Zoo will be charged at the applicable rate.

  • Adult members of ZSL are entitled to half price car entry at Whipsnade Zoo.
  • Free parking when visiting ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is available in the external car park only.
  • Adult disabled visitors may purchase a concession membership which allows them to bring a free carer into ZSL London Zoo and at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, a free carer OR free car entry will be permitted. Child disabled visitors may purchase a child disabled membership, which allows them to bring a free carer into either of our Zoos, but not free car entry to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.
  • If a ZSL Whipsnade Zoo car pass is purchased, you must bring with you both your membership card AND your car pass card. If you do not have your car pass membership card with you on the day of your visit, the current full admission charge must be paid which is not refundable.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry and/or cancel the membership without refund. In particular if the card holder, or anyone accessing our facilities by virtue of a membership, behaves in a threatening or abusive way to our staff, contractors or the animal collection, or breaches the terms and conditions relating to access to our facilities membership will be cancelled.
  • You can end your membership at the end of your initial term or at any point after the initial term by giving us at least one month's notice in writing to Membership Department, Whipsnade Zoo, Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU6 2LF or email:Membership Team If you fail to notify ZSL with at least one’s month’s written notice ZSL reserve the right to charge for the next period of membership.
  • ZSL has the right to reject applications for membership or renewal
  • To enable the ZSL to provide standard membership benefits, such as Wild About magazine, members' details are passed to carefully selected and audited suppliers for processing purposes only.
  • Entrance to ZSL properties remains subject to all other standard terms and conditions of entry.
  • All events are subject to availability. Membership does not guarantee availability to ZSL Events – applications are to be made on an event by event basis.
  • Membership benefits and prices may be subject to change at any time. No refunds can be made.
  • Tesco clubcard vouchers and trade tickets can only be redeemed against admission to our zoos only, and not against any membership purchases
  • Special Offers – Unless otherwise advised, special offers including joining offers are only available once to each member of ZSL. Each offer will also be subject to additional Terms and Conditions.
  • In the event that a payment is rejected by any bank or credit card company then the membership will be suspended until valid payment of the membership fee (and at ZSL’s discretion, payment of any additional costs incurred by ZSL because of the rejection of the payment) is received by ZSL. If valid payment is not received then membership will be terminated. Any such termination may be back dated to the date when the rejected payment fell due.
  • ZSL reserves the right to change opening and closing times of the zoos without prior notice. ZSL reserves the right to close or remove some exhibits or areas within the zoos partly, entirely or at certain times of the year for various reasons including, but not limited to, special events and refurbishment.
  • Membership cannot be cancelled during a period which has already been paid for. Membership will automatically terminate at the end of the period you have paid for if payment is not received for the next period.
  • Standard ZSL terms and conditions apply to all members.
  • Concessions - Concessions apply to senior citizens (60 years and over), students (full-time) and people with disabilities after providing proof.
  • 10% discount in the gift shops is not available on stamps and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • 10% discount in the Cafés applies to the Oasis Café and the Animal Adventure Café at ZSL London Zoo; Wild Bite Café and the Lookout Café at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • This agreement does not affect your statutory rights


Adoption terms

  • In purchasing an adoption of an animal (an “Animal Adoption”) at ZSL London Zoo and/or ZSL Whipsnade Zoo (each an “Attraction”) you enter into an agreement with the Zoological Society of London, registered charity number 208728 (in this section “ZSL”) on these adoption specific terms that incorporate the “Common Terms” on this website applicable to all transactions.
  • Each Animal Adoption includes the benefits as stated on the Animal Adoption web page at the time of making your purchase only. ZSL reserves the right to change these benefits at any time and without prior notice.
  • An Animal Adoption may only be in the name and email address of an individual as indicated at the time of application. The adoptions are non-transferable once redeemed.
  • An Animal Adoption is for a named individual animal unless specified in advance by ZSL, which will usually be for limited promotional purposes. Adoption does not imply ownership nor does it create any liabilities in respect of an animal. Adoptions are not exclusive and other people can also adopt the same named animals which feature in the Adoption scheme.
  • In the event of the named animal or particular species of the Animal Adoption ceasing to be on display at the relevant Attraction due to death or relocation to another collection, we will endeavour to find an alternative animal which will be offered for the remainder of the Animal Adoption period. If the same species can not be offered then we will offer an alternative species. Unfortunately ZSL cannot offer a refund in such circumstances. ZSL endeavours to ensure that all animals on the adoption scheme are on-show each day, but due to unforeseen circumstances this is not always possible. ZSL will be attempt to notify all adopters via the email updates, and also update their animal's personalised web page with information. Please visit their web page before visiting to check for any updates.
  • Any Animal Adoptions that are purchased to be used as company benefits or incentives, competition prizes, or any other promotional, fundraising or public relations activity are subject to an additional surcharge. Please contact for further details. ZSL reserves the right to refuse such applications and neither can we offer exclusivity. You warrant that in entering into a transaction for an Animal Adoption you are not an excluded organisation.
  • ZSL reserves the right to refuse applications from individuals or organisations should it suspect that there would or could be a conflict of interest with its mission and status as a registered charity should the Animal Adoption go ahead.
  • Any complimentary e-tickets issued in conjunction with an Animal Adoption entitle the bearer entrance to the zoo where their adopted animal lives, as specified on each individual ticket.
  • Adoption e-tickets are valid for use only by the adopter and their family. They are only valid on the date, chosen by the user when they redeemed it and as specified on the relevant ticket, and are not replaceable or exchangeable if lost or stolen. These tickets are only valid for standard zoo opening hours and are not valid for entry into special events i.e. Zoo Nights.
  • Tickets must be redeemed the day before your visit.
  • Entrance to an Attraction to see a species that is the subject of an Animal Adoption does not guarantee that any particular species or animal will be on public display at that time.
  • Entrance to an Attraction in conjunction with an Animal Adoption remains subject to all other ZSL standard terms and conditions of entry.
  • Delivery of the welcome email which will allow the adopter to access their online Animal Adoption pack is by email and accompanying text (if mobile number is entered), will be delivered on the day or a date specified by the purchaser.
  • Delivery of Wild About Magazine is by Royal Mail, and ZSL cannot be held liable for any delivery delays following despatch. After you have redeemed your adoption and selected to view the Wild About magazine online, ZSL is unable to change your requirements to then receive it in the post.
  • Unless otherwise stated an Animal Adoption runs for a period of 12 months from the date that it was redeemed (not from the date that it was purchased).
  • Adoptions are non-refundable, unless due to exceptional circumstances. This is at ZSL’s discretion. ZSL reserves the right to change the price of animal adoptions at any time, and the difference in price will not be refunded.


ZSL Experiences

  • These terms apply to Keeper for a Day (adult & junior), BedBUGS sleepovers, Lookout Lodge, Photography workshops and Meet the Animals encounters.
  • ZSL reserves the right to alter the experience on any given day due to animal welfare, health issues, staff shortages, bad weather or changes to the zoo’s collections, but will ensure that if this is the case, then the activity will be replaced with another similar task. ZSL endeavours to keep such changes to a minimum. Over the course of time, sometimes activities have to be changed and therefore may be different to what was advertised at the time of purchasing.
  • ZSL reserves the right to change or cancel any dates on any of the above experiences for reasons such as the minimum number of participants has not been reached, extreme bad weather, staff shortages, animal welfare issues or force majeure. ZSL will endeavour to notify you as soon as possible. Regrettably, ZSL cannot cover travel, accommodation or any other related costs if it is forced to cancel a date.
  • When the duration of the experience is mentioned on our website and marketing material or by a member of our staff this is an approximate guide.
  • Open-ended vouchers are available on the following experiences; Keeper for a Day (adult and Junior). Unless otherwise stated, vouchers for Keeper for a Day are valid for one year from date of purchase. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure a date is booked and completed before expiry. All of our experiences are very popular so we recommend booking a date in advance to avoid disappointment, on some occasions there can be a 4 month wait. The validity of an open-ended voucher can be extended but charges will apply. Please email more details. ZSL is not responsible for unauthorised use of your voucher.
  • A full refund will be made on open-ended vouchers, providing a date has not been booked and the voucher has more than three months until expiry.
  • Once a date has been booked for Keeper for a Day (adult and Junior), Photography workshops and Lookout Lodge, a full refund or date change will be made as long as it is a minimum of 2 months before the date of the experience. Once a date has been booked for BedBUGS sleepovers or Meet the Penguin encounters, a full refund or date change will be made as long as it is a minimum of 14 days before the date of the experience. After this time, only exceptional circumstances will be considered for date changes, extensions or refunds. All refunds are made to the card that the experience was purchased with. The participant’s name can be exchanged providing ZSL is given a minimum of seven days notice. If the person who arrives does not match our records they will not be allowed admittance onto the experience.
  • For a full refund an exceptional circumstance is illness/injury, or bereavement. For changing the date, an exceptional circumstance is the same as above plus jury service, mechanical breakdown and severe travel delays. ZSL will require proof of any exceptional circumstance. Work commitments or holidays/trips away from home are not deemed to be exceptional circumstances. Each application will be considered individually. Once a date has been changed due to exceptional circumstances, we are unable to reschedule it again for any reason.
  • ZSL will allocate places on a first come, first served basis. Please do not assume your experience is booked until you have received your booking confirmation email or letter, this is required for admittance on the day. You should not make any travel or accommodation arrangements in connection with the experience or book spectator tickets until you have received your booking confirmation by email or by post.
  • Pregnant or nursing mothers are welcome to participate on all of our experiences, apart from any Keeper for a Day experience and the Meet the Penguin encounters. In this instance only, ZSL will process a full refund (Penguin encounter) or extend the voucher (Keeper for a day) at no charge until 6 months after the date of the birth.
  • Purchasers buying 'member tickets' must be aware that the recipient of the ticket must be a valid member at the time of the experience. The membership discount is not valid on tickets when the recipient is not a member. If membership has lapsed, the difference must be paid 7 days before the experience. Proof of valid membership will be required on the day.
  • Any experiences that are purchased to be used as company benefits or incentives, competition prizes, or any other promotional or public relations activity are subject to an additional surcharge. Please contact for further details.
  • Standard terms and conditions of entry into the zoo apply for all participants on our experiences. ZSL reserves the right to ask any participant to leave the site should they behave in an inappropriate or unsafe manner.
  • All experiences have a health and safety briefing at the beginning of the session. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they arrive on time. It is essential that all participants attend. Please allow plenty of time to travel to the experience, especially if travelling in or near London, so that you do not miss any of this briefing.
  • Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate those with a disability or learning difficulty, due to practicality this cannot always be achieved; please contact ZSL on for advice before purchasing any of our experiences.

Additional terms for Keeper for a Day:

  • Participants must be aged 16 years or over for the adult experience. On the junior experience, participants must be 11-15 years old, plus an accompanying adult over 18 years old who must be present throughout the whole experience. Participants will need a reasonable level of fitness to take part in the activities. Once a date has been booked, the experience is non-refundable if it has to be cancelled due to these restrictions not being met.
  • Exceptional circumstances affecting the accompanying adult will not be taken into account for the junior version if discussing refunds or changing the date.

Additional terms for Photo workshops:

  • Participants must be over 16 years old.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they bring their camera and all other necessary equipment with them on the day. There will not be any spare cameras, batteries etc which we can lend you on the day. An equipment list can be found at in the FAQs section.
  • It is sometimes necessary for us to change the photographer from the one advertised. We aim to replace them with someone with the same experience, and competency to training.

Additional terms for Bedbugs:

  • For every 5/6 children, we require at least 1 accompanying adult who must be over 18 years old. The number of adults should never exceed the number of children per group. Accompanying adults also need valid BedBUGS tickets.
  • All participants will sleep in BUGS, but boys and girls have separate sleeping areas. For this reason, please ensure the following is adhered to: 1) for an all-girl group, you will need 1 female adult for every 5-6 children. 2) for an all-boy group you will 1 female or male adult for every 5-6 children. 3) for a mixed sex group you will need 2 female adults or 1 female and 1 male adult for every 5-9 children, 4) female adults may sleep on either side of the gallery however male adults may only sleep in the male area of BUGS.
  • All children need to be 7-11 years old.

Additional terms for Meet the Penguin encounters:

  • Children between 3-15 years old, and are at least 3-foot in height, are welcome to participate but must be accompanied by an adult who also has a valid Meet the Penguins ticket. Anyone who wishes to enter the VIP area must have a valid Meet the Penguins ticket. We request that each adult is responsible for a maximum of 2 children during the encounter. If there are more than 2 children in your group, additional adults with valid Meet the Penguin tickets will need to be present.

Gift shop terms

In purchasing items from the online Zoological Society of London (“ZSL”) shop not covered by other terms you are entering into an agreement with Zoo Enterprises Limited, company number 01178687 (in this section “ZEL”). Any order made will be subject to these specific ZSL shop terms that incorporate the “Common Terms” applicable to all transactions.

Your Information

Please ensure that when making an order the information you provide is correct and complete. If you wish to make any changes to the information you have provided then please inform ZEL of these immediately. However ZEL reserves the right not to act on any requested changes unless it would be unreasonable not to act.

Your Order

When you place an order the cost of items and delivery charges, and estimated timescales for delivery, will be specified in the order acknowledgment email that ZEL will send to you. ZEL will try and ensure that the prices and charges listed at the time of order are accurate, but ZEL cannot accept any liability if the information displayed is incorrect. In the event that an error is made you will be informed by email (sent to the email address you have given us) of the correct price or charge within a reasonable time of ZEL becoming aware of the error and ZEL will ask you whether you wish to continue with your order on the basis of the correct information. If ZEL has not received confirmation from you within a reasonable period of time (in response to ZEL’s email notification of the error) that you wish to proceed, the order will be cancelled.


When you place an order through this website, this will be an offer by you to purchase the ZSL shop items displayed in your shopping basket that ZEL advertised. ZEL will then send you an acknowledgement email listing the items you have ordered. Payment will be taken from your payment card when your order is completed successfully online. Acceptance of your order and the completion of our contract for the sale of the ZSL shop items will take place on the dispatch to you of the items ordered. Ownership of ordered items will pass to you on dispatch.

Dispatch to You

All items are supplied subject to availability and may become unavailable at any time. If ZEL is unable to supply the item within 30 days of your order ZEL will send an email to your contact email address (as supplied by you) to inform you that this is the case.

ZEL will make every effort to dispatch items ordered within 20 working days. Delays will occasionally be inevitable due to unforeseen circumstances such as the unavailability of specific items or factors outside ZEL’s control, for example but not limited to postal problems or industrial action. ZEL will not be liable for any delay or failure to dispatch items within the estimated timescale.



Items ordered will usually be delivered by Royal Mail or Parcel Post and ZEL cannot be held liable for any delivery delays following dispatch. In the event of delayed delivery please wait for a period of at least 14 days from the date of dispatch of your order before contacting ZEL.

  • At present ZEL delivers to the UK only.
  • All prices listed include VAT (where applicable) but exclude delivery charges, which will be shown separately in your email notification from ZEL.
  • Current postage & packing charge is £3.95 per order, which excludes Schleich products.
  • Schleich products are charged delivery at £1.00 per piece.
  • ZEL recommends that you print out and retain your confirmation of dispatch e-mail in case you want to contact us about your order or return items after delivery.

Defective Goods

ZEL will always accept return of and offer a refund (including original postage and packing costs) for defective goods returned within 14 (fourteen) days of delivery, as long as the item is returned in its original packaging together with a copy of your confirmation of dispatch e-mail. On return please provide a brief description of the fault.

Non Defective Goods Returns and Order Cancellation

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you're not, just return the product via post or to one of our shops, following the instructions as detailed below, and we'll exchange or refund it to the credit or debit card of the person who originally placed and paid for the order.

Under the Consumer Rights Regulations, if you purchase online, by phone or from one of our retail shops, you are entitled to a full refund if you request one in writing within 14 working days of receipt. This includes any delivery charge, but excludes the products listed as exceptions below.

Terms & conditions

  • If you're unhappy with your purchase, please let us know within 14 days of receipt of the goods, either via email at, marking your email with ‘Refund Request’ or by calling our customer service team on 0207 449 6200.
  • If you return your item to us and you'd like a refund but don't have your receipt, order confirmation or delivery note, we can offer an exchange to the value of the current selling price. Ordinarily if you have your receipt or delivery note we'll refund the original debit, credit or charge card used to purchase or in the case on purchase made within our zoo shops, we will refund the credit or debit card as supplied on the completed returns form.
  • It's important that any unwanted item, unless faulty, is returned in a re-saleable condition. We'd expect this to mean that you've kept all original packaging and labels, and that it's undamaged and unused 

Products we're unable to cancel, refund or exchange

We can't offer refunds or exchanges, unless faulty or not as described, on the following items:

  • products which have been personalised for you, such as stationery or gifts
  • made to order products
  • all date specific tickets, gifts and experiences
  • perishable goods such as sweets and food
  • computer software that has been opened or computer software cards that have been redeemed
  • audio/video recordings or software that you have unsealed
  • Hygiene sensitive products such as earrings and cosmetics

This does not affect your statutory rights. For more information see here.

Returns procedure

You can make free returns via our zoo shops or by post

Please see below for full details of our returns and refunds policy.

1. Returns via ZSL zoo shops

Simply take a print-out of your order confirmation or the delivery note if purchased online and the product you wish to return or exchange to a ZSL zoo shop.

Please make sure you also take in the payment card you originally used to buy the product.

2. Returns via Royal Mail or courier

  • Address the consignment to the address below and obtain a certificate of postage from the Post Office

ZSL Returns
Retail Web Shop
East Service Gate
Regents Park

  • Enclose the delivery note with the product, and package up securely; please use original packaging if possible, but remove original labels
  • Please allow 14 days from the collection or posting date for us to credit your account. We will refund the credit or debit card of the person who originally placed and paid for the order or if the goods were purchased from one of our zoo shops, we will refund the credit or debit card details as completed on the returns form.

Refunds on returned items

  • Please allow 2 weeks from the collection or posting date for us to credit your account. We will refund the credit or debit card of the person who originally placed and paid for the order.

Common terms

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Amendments to the Terms

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Events beyond ZSL’s reasonable control

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Limitation of Liability

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In the event that the above exclusion of liability is not effective, ZSL’s maximum aggregate liability (save in respect of death or personal injury resulting from ZSL’s negligence) shall be the amount paid by the claimant to ZSL in respect of the transaction out of which the claim against ZSL arose.

Entire Agreement

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Third Party Rights

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