Successful year for ZSL students

The Masters course in wild animal health (MSc WAH) has been running for 17 years and has produced over 190 graduates. The Masters course in wild animal biology (MSc WAB) has been run for eight years. Graduates of both courses have produced a total of 105 publications as a result of either project or case report work undertaken during their course, and course projects have also provided important data for research grant applications.

Speaking at the ceremony, Tony Sainsbury, senior lecturer in wild animal health at ZSL, noted that the graduates of both courses provided a valuable network of wild animal health professionals around the world, who cooperated with both the RVC and ZSL to develop projects and contributed to ZSL's mission to conserve threatened species.

'We keep in contact with approximately 95 per cent of our graduates through the wild animal alumnus association, and 20 graduates have stayed at the RVC or ZSL as staff or PhD students, adding to the intellectual effort,' he said.

The student scoring the highest marks in the MSc WAB was Kristen Steele, who also won the prize for the best project for her study 'Ecological correlates of European eel (Anguilla anguilla) populations in five marshes of the Thames estuary and their contribution to conservation of the species'.

The winner of the prize for best MSc WAB poster was Dan Robertson, while Erin Wright took second prize.

On the MSc WAH course, Mhairi Fleming scored the highest marks across the whole year, and she also won the prize for the best project for her study 'Behavioural assessment of dental pain in Malayan sun bears (Helarctos malayanus)'.

The author of the best poster produced by a student on the MSc WAH course was Adeniyi Egbetade, while Celine Le Rochais received the second prize.

From left: Dr Guy Cowlishaw (Theme Leader and Senior Research Fellow at IOZ), Dr Marcus Rowcliffe (Research Fellow at IOZ), Adeniyi Egbetade (WAH prize-winner), Kristen Steele (WAB prize-winner), Dr Anna Meredith (an examiner for the MSc courses), Mhairi Fleming (WAH prize-winner), Paula Burton (Marketing Manager at the Royal Veterinary College), Celine Le Rochais (WAH prize-winner), and Daniel Robertson (WAB prize-winner) at the Mappin Pavillions, ZSL London Zoo.

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