UK and Overseas Territories

Ghost crab on Chagos beach

As well the seas around the British Isles, the UK government is also responsible for the waters around all of the fourteen UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs). When taking these waters into account, the UK has 6.8 million square kilometres under its jurisdiction.

Over 90% of the UK’s biodiversity is found in its Overseas Territories, and the UKOTs support a large number of rare and threatened species as well as unique ecosystems found nowhere else on Earth. ZSL has been working in several of the UKOTs on a range of projects and at present our primary focus is on the marine environment of the Chagos Archipelago and Pitcairn Islands.

St Paul's Pool Pitcairn

ZSL is working to facilitate sustainable marine resource use, helping to...

Chagos coral reef

Amidst the serious threats to oceans around the globe, Chagos is a rare...