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Scott the baby elephant playing with easter eggs

ZSL Whipsnade Zoos’ Asian elephants enjoy Easter egg hunt.

Philippine eagle

The ‘little dodo’ and a bird that dispatches its prey by stamping on its head are among the world’s 100 most unique and endangered birds, reveal...

Forest Elephant

The use of fenced areas to protect threatened species in the wild should be a last resort, argue scientists from the Zoological Society of London...

Summer Showcase: Penguin Beach

On Wednesday 26th March, ZSL London Zoo opened its doors to 350 event bookers for a Summer Showcase.

Thug the pygmy hippo in his new enclosure

This Easter holiday, visit our pygmy hippos in their lovely new home.

Pygmy Goat at Hullabazoo farm

Animals make themselves at home at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s brand new Hullabazoo Farm

Brown bear camera trap photograph

Many animals in need of conservation attention are the least studied due to human bias, reveals new research by scientists from ZSL.

Charco La Palma Pupfish at the ZSL London Zoo Aquarium.

ZSL has been awarded two accolades from The Sustainable City Awards 2013/2014, the UK’s foremost sustainability awarding body. ZSL was recognised...

tiger cub outside

ZSL London Zoo’s Sumatran tiger cubs explore their outdoor paddock for first time.

Meet the Rainforest

This spring ZSL London Zoo is launching six incredible new Meet the Animals experiences.