Latest News from ZSL

Sloth baby

Sneaky sloths hide amorous action from zookeepers.

Lucifer health check-up

Lucifer has a health check ahead of him moving home.


ZSL's first-ever fundraising gala helps raise over £135,000 for endangered Asian lions.

Close up of a baby lemur

The mothers of six baby ring-tailed lemurs have been spotted taking turns babysitting one another’s youngsters at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

Homepage tiger territory game

ZSL London Zoo launches brand new wild tiger game

Peter Jones and Jimmy Wales at Penguin Beach

Peter Jones and Jimmy Wales launch second Google Impact Challenge at ZSL London Zoo.

Latte - baby llama 2014

Two llama babies born in two days at ZSL London Zoo.

A pair of giraffe at ZSL London Zoo

Free entry for London’s cabbies and concierges - Friday 6 to Sunday 8 June 2014

Tarzan 3D

Two-for-one cinema tickets for ZSL London Zoo visitors this May!

The Ganges River Dolphin

A new study released today reveals a method to improve the monitoring of the Endangered Ganges river dolphin