The Experience - BedBugs sleepovers

As well as checking out the residents in BUGS! we'll make sure you are kept busy right up until bedtime.

There will be lots of activities which includes animal talks, tours, games and story-telling sessions - all animal themed of course!


Arrive at ZSL London Zoo
Your BedBUGS hosts will check everyone in and allocate group names.


Head to BUGS!


Welcome talk
Your hosts will run through the itinerary for the evening, all health and safety information plus answer any questions.


Explore BUGS!
BUGS, (Biodiversity Underpinning Global Survival), is home to over 140 different species ranging from spiders, fish, mole rats to anteaters, who live just outside.


Snack time
Enjoy your evening snacks.


Animal talk
Get up-close to one of the residents of BUGS (bring your camera!)




Torch-light night tour
This is your chance to find out what really goes on once all of the visitors and keepers have gone home. Many of our animals are actually more active at night so you’ll see what they get up to as we search the zoo by torchlight.


Back to BUGS
Unpack and get ready for bed.


Relax before bedtime


Lights off


Although some of the animals may have woken you up before!




Morning tour
Check out some of our most popular animal exhibits, before the day-visitors arrive


Finish (feel free to stay in the zoo to explore for the day)