Testimonials from Previous Partners

Mr Keith Pagan - Managing Director, Crispin & Borst

Crispin & Borst London region originally forged links with ZSL in 2006 through their experience working with the Zoo on the construction of the Gorilla Kingdom exhibit.

This project was innovative, challenging and exciting and an excellent relationship was formed within the whole construction team. As a company, Crispin & Borst were impressed by both the range of conservation projects which ZSL promote and the clear dedication of the staff, who seem to have a passion for their work. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme we wanted to be involved in a London based Charity and therefore explored the membership options of ZSL.

After some consideration, it seemed entirely appropriate for us to become Corporate Members of ZSL and we saw both ethical and commercial advantages, to both our employees and our clients.

We could offer the range of benefits to our staff and clients such as Zoo tickets, Close Encounter behind the scene tours and various other unique events held by the Zoo. It also enables us to offer both existing and potential clients the opportunity to see first hand our work at the Zoo and to highlight the aims and aspirations of ZSL as a charity and a leading supporter of conservation, which closely allays itself to our own environmental, and sustainability aspirations.

Mr Ray LeClerq – Chief Financial Officer, BT Openreach

"We became ZSL corporate members in June of this year. As part of the membership, we held our annual event at ZSL London Zoo, which was an excellent venue for team building. We have also been able to recognise high performers by offering them exclusive 'behind the scenes' tours of certain exhibits, and gifts of complimentary tickets to either London Zoo or Whipsnade have been well received. I personally, went 'behind the scenes' at the Bugs! Exhibit, which I found fascinating. ZSL has a key role in addressing topical environmental and climate change issues and in the education of future generations - corporate membership is an excellent way to reward team members whilst supporting critical conservation projects. "

Dr Mike Packer - Director, Responsible Business, Timbmet Group:

"As the UK's leading hardwoods importer and distributor, we have been at the forefront of the timber industry in embracing its economic, environmental and social responsibilities. It should be no surprise then that we recognise ZSL is a leading objective authority on wildlife conservation and have chosen to actively support its Wildlife Wood Project. Through the partnership we are working to develop the 'Wildlife Wood' standard, which will be the first time wildlife has been incorporated into sustainable logging practises.

The long term relationship we have formed with ZSL fits with our corporate social responsibility strategy, allowing us to;

  • lead the timber industry in the way of wildlife conservation and gain competitive advantage through the positive association with ZSL.
  • exceed society's ethical expectations of our industry.
  • and use the relationship to enhance our employee engagement programme. Using ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and London Zoo as settings, we have been able to devise a programme of events that not only enhances our employees' understanding of the environmental impact of our business, using tailored trails to help tell the story but also provides their families with a fun and memorable day out on the company.

Our relationship with ZSL adds a novel and exciting element to our internal marketing. Thanks to the support we receive from staff at ZSL who participate in our 
Family days out, we have been able to really capture our employees' imaginations whilst driving home the importance of sustainable forest management".

Ms Deepa Bose – PR Manager, American Express UK

“As part of our employee ‘CultureCard’ initiative, American Express has joined the Zoological Society of London's (ZSL) corporate membership programme. Membership allows us to support the conservation mission of ZSL, as well as reward and recognise our employees through a range of special benefits and exclusive offers including free tickets, behind-the-scenes tours and private events such as ‘Zoo Nights’, during which employees can spend a summer evening enjoying the zoo with their families.

ZSL's London Zoo is one of the most popular zoos in the world, and the feedback we’ve had from our staff has been very positive. We're delighted to welcome the ZSL as part of our CultureCard programme for London and Brighton employees."

Ms Julie Rogers – Trustee of the Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa

"The Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa (MCFEA) has been involved with ZSL since 1993 when we became one of the first sponsors of the Web of Life exhibition (now called "BUGS!") housed in the Millennium Conservation Centre, which presents vital conservation messages to the millions of people that visit ZSL London Zoo.

Our mission includes promoting environmental conservation, education and research into the environment, and ZSL is an exceptional charity to help achieve this: it works on the frontier of national and international conservation, and has a world-class visitor attraction raising awareness of the incredible biodiversity on earth, in a way that genuinely engages people and evokes thought.

The MCFEA recently made a grant of £20,000 to support a new feature in the Centre, which will highlight the impact climate change is having on wildlife, and how an individual can make a difference. ZSL are experts in delivering tangible environmental messages - particularly to children and young people - and we look forward to working together on this project."

Ms Helen Chapman – Water Efficiency Analyst, Thames Water

"We're always looking to highlight ways in which people can use water wisely, and have therefore sponsored work by ZSL to inform and inspire visitors about sustainability. For example, for over 10 years now we have supported a water wise garden featuring drought-tolerant plants.

ZSL is an excellent partner for Thames Water, as our sustainability objectives are very similar. This joint work has raised awareness of important messages to the general public and - through competitions, free tickets and special events - to our own staff."

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