Top Predators

Amur tiger in camera trap

Goal: Protect the last remaining top predator strongholds.

Amur tiger in camera trap

21st Century Tiger is one of the most significant tiger funding agencies...

Asian elephant in Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary

ZSL is working in and around Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary to conserve iconic...

Sumatran tiger - Sembilang National Park

Much of the ZSL Indonesia Field Programme's activities focus on the Sumatran...

Amur leopard

ZSL is working as part of ALTA and with partners in the Russian Far East to...

Harbour Seal in the Thames

ZSL is working to better understand seal populations in the Thames Estuary...

Porpoise Thames

ZSL coordinates three projects to better understand marine mammals

angel shark on sand

ZSL is working to protect this Critically Endangered shark.