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Ana and the cannon from the Bounty
by Ana Pinto on

The blood of the mutineers still runs strong...

Finally arrived on Pitcairn Island
by Ana Pinto on

After two long days on the Claymore vessel and thousands of miles from where we last saw land, I can finally see land again! We have made it to...

On board the Claymore II with the island of Pitcairn in the background.
by Ana Pinto on

Black pearls and copious amounts of cake, I'm making the most of my journey to Pitcairn!

Boarding the aeroplane to Mangareva.
by Ana Pinto on

Travelling to the island of Pitcairn is far from a simple journey. It involves planes, a boat and a couple of days at sea. But there are lots of...

by ZSL on

Garden Wildlife Health is a national project to investigate the health of British garden wildlife and to identify disease threats as they arise....

Photo of Ana packing her scuba equipment into her bag
by Ana Pinto on

Discovery and Learning officer Ana Pinto is travelling to the other side of the world, to visit the remote island of Pitcairn.

Dja Biosphere Reserve

For World Elephant Day, ZSL Cameroon presents some of our work around the Dja Biosphere Reserve and discusses some of the challenges to protecting...

Sampling platform fitted with underwater camera.
by ZSL on

Taylor Gorham, Masters Student at Imperial College London and the Institute of Zoology, has just returned from a marine research expedition to...

Pitcairn Island
by ZSL on

Pitcairn Island is a very small, very rocky piece of land in the middle of the ocean, a long way from anything else. Its biggest claim to fame is...

Fisher Lake Ossa

ZSL Cameroon bulletin from April to June, 2014, highlights some new initiatives of ZSL Cameroon, as well as expansion of older ones.

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Videographer Blog

One man is boldly going where no other ZSL videographer has gone before - the land of Mountain Chicken Frogs. Armed with nothing more than a camera and some factor 60 suncream, he will share with you his adventures in the Caribbean as he follows ZSL's work with this endangered amphibean. 

Discovery and Learning in the Field

Join the ZSL Discovery and Learning team as they venture out of the zoo and in to the wild.


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Tiger conservation

Read about conservation of tigers in Asia.

Wild Science

From the field, to the lab, to the analysis, catch up with the scientists at ZSL’s Institute of Zoology, our world-renowned research centre working at the cutting edge of conservation biology.

Wildlife Wood Project Cameroon

The Wildlife Wood Project has been working in Cameroon since 2007 to encourage better wildlife management in logging concessions.

Penguin expedition blog

Updates from penguin conservation expeditions to Antarctica

Amur Leopard

Amur leopard conservation blog

Baby Giraffe Diaries

Meet ZSL Whipsnade Zoo's latest (and leggiest) arrival, a baby giraffe!

Biodiversity and Palm Oil

Follow the ZSL Biodiversity and Palm Oil team, based in Bogor, Indonesia.

Chagos Expedition

The Chagos marine reserve, designated in 2010 and currently the world’s largest no take marine reserve, is a sought-after spot for marine research.

Frog Blog

Follow ZSL’s amphibian experts in their quest to find out why 41% of the world’s amphibians are threatened and what can be done to stop more species becoming extinct.

Tsaobis Baboon Blog

Follow ZSL conservationists studying desert baboons in Namibia.