Artefact of the month

Two penguins in a drawing John Gould, 1848

Every month one of the pieces held in ZSL’s Library and at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo will feature here as Artefact of the month.

Adhela (female hippopotamus) circa 1870, Obayasch can be seen in the background. Circa 1870 photographed by Frederick York

Celebrating the anniversary of the arrival of Adhela, the first living...

Brian Houghton Hodgson’s Painting of the Tibetan Antelope, or Chiru, c 1840.

This month learn about Hodgson's Tibetan Antelope, a hidden gem found in our...

Title page of `Charm of birds' by Viscount Grey of Fallodon with a woodcut illustration by Robin Gibbings, published 1927

Artefact of the month August 2014 - ZSL, Edward Grey and the start of the...

Fairy penguin by John Gould 1848

We are featuring `penguins' as our seasonal `artefact' during the two months...

Okapi (Okapia johnstoni) lithograph by Joseph Smit 1902

Celebrating some zoo babies with okapi and tapir illustrations.

Birds of paradise, by Daniel Giraud Elliot 1873

Alfred Russel Wallace, birds of paradise and ZSL.

An air raid shelter build in ZSL London Zoo next to the 'rodent house'.

This month's artefact is the Animal and Zoo Magazine. This was the official...

Burchell's zebra 1885

This month we remember William Burchell as it is 150 years since his death...

Lynx by Joseph Wolf

Celebrating National Libraries Day with our online catalogue!

Artefact of the month - Marie Sibille Merian

We are featuring two amazing works by Marie Sibelle Merian.

A red panda drawing from Brian Haughton Hodgson manuscripts 'Mammals of India' Vol.1, 1852, probably by Ragman Sing(h).

This month we're celebrating Brian Houghton Hodgson's manuscripts.

Bubo maximus engraving in Vol. 1 of Manetti, 1767-76

Celebrating World Book night with some `animals of the night’

Watercolour painting of an Asian lion by Edward Lear circa 1835

This month we are featuring two wonderful images of Asian lions by Edward...

Lithograph of llamas drawn from life by B. Waterhouse Hawkins at Knowsley Menagerie December 1844

We are celebrating the birth of a new cria, baby llama, at ZSL London Zoo...