Artefact February 2014

National Libraries Day is 8 February 2014 so we are featuring our online Library catalogue particularly as we have reached a major milestone this month as we have added the 38,000th record to the catalogue!

The catalogue acts as a portal to a wide range of resources and is available to access via the web 24/7.

The catalogue’s URL changed last month so if you have it saved as a favourite you may now need to change it to the new URL and it can still be accessed from

The online catalogue includes links to many relevant online resources about animals and their conservation. It lists our holdings – books, serials, ZSL Archives and art works. We have recently begun to enhance the catalogue as a retrieval tool by adding thumbnail images of art works and book illustrations from the larger folio books.

Other resources are accessible via the sidebar including links to useful websites and lists of our special collections about zoos of the world.

Please do make use of this resource!

Selected entries from our catalogue are listed in other catalogues to aid access and discovery.

1) From last Autumn onwards, ZSL Library’s book and serial/journal holdings were listed in COPAC Copac `exposes rare and unique research material by bringing together the catalogues of over 70 major UK and Irish libraries’. In a single search it is possible to discover the holdings of the UK’s national libraries (including the British Library), many University libraries, and specialist research libraries. Researchers and educators use Copac to save time in their research, to quickly and easily discover and locate resources, to check document details, review materials in their field, and assess the rarity of materials etc. Information about ZSL Library on COPAC can be found at

2) Our serial/journal holdings are listed in SUNCAT ZSL Library was featured on the blog of the SUNCAT contributing libraries. We were thanked for our imaginative contribution to their blog!

3) A selection of the Archives are listed in AIM25, an academic listing of Archives within the M25
Do have fun making use of our online catalogue and see what you can discover!

Library catalogue FAQ

Paintings of different types of cats (not catalogues) from the holdings of ZSL Library all by Joseph Wolf:

Lynx by Joseph Wolf

Lioness by Joseph Wolf